Wordpress site Security

Security for WordPress sites has become more and more crucial since the rise of WordPress as a CMS platform over the last few years. WordPress powers nearly 25% of all websites on the internet and a whopping 58% of all CMS websites on the internet. This increases the likelihood...

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Web applications vs Content management systems

What are Web applications?

They are accessed using a web browsers and Usually interactive. Applications usually give the user info or a result and are made with mixtures of web languages e.g Javascript, HTML, CSS, (Server side PHP). They can have static or dynamic content and are client server...

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An Anatomy of an Adaptive Web Experience

The Ubiquitous web makes responsive and adaptive design a must for future-friendly sites. Adaptive web design will consist of fluid grids, flexible media and media queries.

We need to work with these things both in current device context and future device context. I know that we don’t know what new...

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Chris Heilmann's Fixing the mobile web


Firefox OS is the first mobile OS that has been built using HTML5 and open web standards and is therefore not restricted or proprietary. The entire user interface is basically a web app that is capable of displaying and launching other web apps using HTML5,...

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Tim Brown's Universal Typography

In an excellent, updated talk from the Smashing Conference 2014, Tim Brown brought us good practices in making typography universal. We as web developers need to understand the role of typesetting in responsive design. As Tim Brown states ‘the web is the best place for text’ as it can...

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Scott Jehl's Interacting Responsibly

Accessing the web from 3rd world countries is certainly something I have experienced in my life, since I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe. It has got better, but it is still slow, expensive and frustrating. So designing sites and code in these 3rd world countries has to...

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Brad Frost's Creating Responsive Interfaces

I like the idea of atomic design that Brad Frost speaks about in the podcast Creating Responsive Interfaces. We start by stitching the interface together from the atomic level and then build it up to the final design. Atoms are the separate tags that are floating around on their own...

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The Mobile Content Mandate

Using multiple devices to access the internet is becoming the norm. Almost every teenager in the first world has a mobile phone or tablet. The interesting thing is mobile access is also becoming popular in the third world too, as cheap smartphones and tablets enable people to access the...

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